Sir Bradwen

Cymric/British Christian. Born 441. Steward of Ipswich.


Glory 7000
Distinctive Traits: Midnight blue eyes, Tall
Notable Traits: Vengeful 16, Generous 18, Valorous 18
Notable Passions: Loyalty (Duke Marius) 10, Love (Family) 19, Hospitality 16, Hate (Saxons) 18
Notable Stats: SIZ 16, APP 16
Notable Skills: Courtesy 18, Flirting 20, Intrigue 16, Battle 17, Siege 16, Sword 21, Spear Expertise 19


The Aldborough clan claims descent from a line of Iceni chieftains, who rose to power in Stour Valley after the departure of Roman legions in 410. They are a tight-knit family, who have persevered against Saxon invaders, their old enemies among the Trinovantes of Caercolun, and political adversaries from the Roman Broadlands. Little by little, they gained prestige and influence in the valley, with Sir Brys, Bradwen’s father, being named the Steward of Ipswich in 460. After Brys’ death in the Night of the Long Knives, young Bradwen became the new steward and head of the Aldborough family.

He has ruled the Stour Valley wisely towards prosperity, enjoying regional prestige similar to Hywell of Brecklands. De Revil and de Aldborough families have been in amiable terms of late, after Sir Henry de Revil married Bradwen’s sister and started actively co-operating with the lords of Stour Valley.

Bradwen is handsome, flirtatious and courteous, and enjoys wearing fine clothes and richly decorated armour, but those who mistake him for an effete fop soon learn their mistake. Bradwen has fought both sea-borne invaders and ancestral enemies on several occasions, and has so far managed to keep the rich and populous Stour Valley relatively safe through force of arms. He is also fiercely protective of his family, and those who harm his kinfolk can expect a swift and vicious revenge.

Bradwen is married to Lucia, Duke Lucius’ sister. They have two sons (Aldwyn and Athan) and a daughter (Aderyn).

Sir Bradwen

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