Lady Ysbail

Cymric/British Christian. Born 469. Lady of Wolfpit.


Distinctive Features: Frizzy hair
Wife Traits: Strong-willed, Kind-hearted, Frigid
APP 10
Skills: Distaff 12, Chirurgery 12, Siege 6


Ysbail is the third daughter of Sir Gethin of Tuddenham, a Brecklander vassal knight with a grudge against Huntingtonmen. She has several brothers, so the probability of her ever inheriting land of her own were quite slim. Luckily, her father was a fairly wealthy man, and could afford a sizable dowry for all of his daughters. Ysbail was therefore married to Sir Owain of Wolfpit, the lord of a nearby manor.

Ysbail is kind and gentle, but that should not be mistaken for weakness; she possesses a strong backbone and opinions of her own, without being bullying or overbearing. Sadly, her distaste towards carnal pleasures and her somewhat unattractive looks made Owain retain his former mistress, a peasant girl of considerable physical assets. This has caused a bit of a rift between the couple, but Ysbail nonetheless takes great pains to behave with the grace and wisdom required of a noble lady, refusing to stoop to low means against his husband or his mistress.

Lady Ysbail

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