Lady Arcavia

Roman/Roman Christian. Born 468. Lady of Walsham.


Glory 800
Distinctive Features: Noble bearing, Large eyes, Rich laughter
Notable Traits: Chaste 10, Generous 16, Temperate 16
Notable Passions: Loyalty (Duke Lucius) 16, Hospitality 18
Notable Stats: APP 19
Notable Skills: Dancing 10, Industry 15, Law 17, Stewardship 15, Siege 8


The only child of Sir Pertacus, a wealthy and powerful Broadlander knight, who fell in battle against Saxons at Mt. Damen. She is the richest and most coveted heiress in Caerwent, and many knights within and without the duchy have sought to win her hand.

Her dowry lands consist of two demesne manors and four enfeoffed manors.

Lady Arcavia

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