Sir Titus

Roman/Roman Christian. Born 451. Marshall of Caerwent.


Glory 16 000
Distinctive Features: Calm bearing, Strong jaw, Steely gaze
Notable Traits: Energetic 16, Just 16, Prudent 18, Valorous 17. Has the Chivalry Bonus.
Notable Passions: Loyalty (Duke Marius) 20, Honor 18, Hate (Saxons) 16
Notable Stats: SIZ 16, STR 17, APP 18
Notable Skills: Battle 22, Awareness 18, Orate 20, Law 19, Sword 25, Lance 23, Spear 21


Titus, Duke Lucius’ younger brother, is the model Roman officer, gentleman and equites. He is noble-minded, well-spoken and brave, skilled in both battle tactics and swordmanship. He is the greatest knight of the Duchy of Caerwent, and even de Revil family grants this Broadlander respect due to his merits. Titus wears a shining lorica segmentata under a crimson cloak, and a plume-crested Roman officer’s helmet protects his head; thus garbed, astride his pure white charger, he is a striking reminder of the glory of the Empire.

Titus rules over the city of Yarmouth, and holds the rank of Marshall in his brother’s army. He is the commander of the Saxon Shore Guard, an elite Roman troop that – despite the advancing age of its members – strikes fear into the heart of any opponent. He has already led them against Germanic raiders from beyond the North Sea in several bloody clashes, and has acquired a deep-seated hatred against the wave-borne ravagers in the process.

He is married to Lady Honoria, the daughter of the Praetor of London. Much to his sorrow, they have yet to conceive any children.

After Lucius’ death, Titus refused to take a more active part in Caerwent’s government, being content on serving as its army’s Marshall. He is as loyal to Marius as he was to Lucius, firmly believing that the new duke is the only rightful ruler of Caerwent.

Sir Titus

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