Sir Marius

Roman/Roman Christian. Born 461. Duke of Caerwent.


Glory 1800
Distinctive Features: Languid gestures, Absent-minded gaze
Notable Traits: Lustful 16, Lazy 19, Worldly 16, Proud 16, Indulgent 18, Cowardly 16
Directed Trait: Contempt (Cymri) +6
Notable Passions: N/A
Notable Stats: STR 8, CON 9, APP 15
Notable Skills: Dancing 16, Flirting 18, Gaming 15, Law 15, Play (Lyre) 17, Singing 16, Battle 7, Horsemanship 10, Sword 5, Lance 5


The only son of Duke Lucius, Marius is a spoiled wastrel, who prefers to indulge in debauchery and lechery rather than concentrate on administrative or knightly duties. His manor is rumoured to be a den of bacchic revelries and opulent excess, where no vice is left unfulfilled.

Marius has nothing but contempt for the “barbarian” Cymri, whom he sees as little better than Saxons; savages unworthy of his attention, or even simple politeness. This has led to him becoming perhaps the most unpopular man in Brecklands, Stour Valley and Caercolun County.

He dresses in excessive finery, often imitating the Olympian gods with his garb, much to the chagrin of local clergymen. Duke Lucius, known for his love towards his family, allowed Marius these eccentrities, hoping that he will one day outgrow them.

After his father died in the Battle of Ipswich in 486, Marius became the new Duke of Caerwent, Count of Caerwent and Caercolun, Praetor of Norwich and Comes Litoris Saxonici. His governance immediately began to rouse mistrust and ire in both Brecklands and Stour Valley.

Sir Marius

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