Sir Lucius

Roman/Roman Christian. 432-486. Duke of Caerwent.


Glory 6000
Distinctive Features: Bald, Aquiline nose
Notable Traits: Proud 16, Worldly 16, Valorous 18
Notable Passions: Love (Family) 20, Loyalty (Vassals) 18, Honor 16
Notable Stats: N/A
Notable Skills: Battle 17, Orate 21, Law 20


Lucius came from the Crassus family: a long, proud line of Roman patricians, who have reigned over the Iceni tribe as governors since the days of Boudicca. His court in Norwich was decidedly rich, lavish, and Roman, in stark contrast to the grim and spartan castles of Brecklands. He favoured diplomacy and trade over warfare, but the recent Saxon incursions had forced him to defend his realm with more than just fair words.

Lucius was generally well-liked by his subjects in Broadlands and Stour Valley, though the Cymri of Brecklands and Caercolun often preferred to follow their local authority figures, rather than their nominal overlord in Norwich. Lucius was not overly loyal to Uther, but the duke’s commitment towards protecting his realm made his motives often coincide with the king’s, so their relations were amiable enough.

Lucius’ bodyguards were the feared Saxon Shore Guard, a crack unit of hardened Roman troops, whose drilled discipline was reminiscent of the legions of old. His brother Titus, the Marshall of Caerwent, leads these men in battle.

He had one son: Marius, an infamous rake, who was generally detested. Several noblemen urged the duke to name Marshall Titus as his heir instead, but their pleas fell to deaf ears.

Lucius fell in The Battle of Ipswich against the Saxon horde of Aethelswith. His son Marius inherited his lands and titles.

Sir Lucius

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