Sir Hywell de Revil

Cymric/British Christian. Born 440. Lord of Thetford.


Glory 12 000
Distinctive Features: Scarred face, Gravelly voice
Notable Traits. Just 18, Cruel 16, Temperate 16, Suspicious 12*, Valorous 19
*Suspicious (Romans) +6
Notable Passions: Loyalty (Duke Marius) 8, Loyalty (Brecklands) 18, Honor 16, Hate (Saxons) 18
Notable Stats: STR 16, CON 16, APP 7
Notable Skills: Battle 21, Horsemanship 21, Sword 22, Spear Expertise 20, Courtesy 10, Hunting 20


Hywell, often called “The Warhorse” by his knights, is a hard man; he has a swift, violent sense of justice, and does not suffer fools gladly. He also despises softness and indulgence, and is not overly fond of the Roman folk of Broadlands. Hywell pays lip service to his oath of fealty to Duke Lucius, preferring to rule in his own lands as he pleases. The duke has so far allowed him to have his way, and other Brecklander nobles increasingly look to the lord of Thetford as their true leader. Hywell has fought against both Saxons (and Angles and Frisians and Northmen and what have you) and Picts, and earned much Glory through his warlike deeds. He is gruff and impolished in demeanour, and the more refined courtiers often call him crude and barbarous (though never to his face).

Though ruling over bleak and poor lands, Hywell has managed to accumulate considerable wealth via the great annual horse market in Thetford. His knights are usually well-horsed, due to the abundance of affordable quality steeds. His younger brother also rules over the lively city of Guinnon; their control over the two major trade centres in Brecklands has made the de Revil family (named after their ancestral holding, the Revil Castle) the most powerful clan in western Caerwent.

He has two sons, Herion and Hervis, and one daughter, Hannah. Henry, the Steward of Guinnon, is his brother, advisor and spymaster. Hywell – like many Brecklander noblemen – claims descent from Eporix the Horse Lord, a legendary chieftain of the Iceni tribe. He recently lost his wife, who died after giving birth to Hervis.

Sir Hywell de Revil

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