Sir Herion de Revil

Cymric/British Christian. Born 463. Castellan of Revil.


Glory 2300 (in 485)
Distinctive Features: Piercing stare, Lean
Notable Traits: Energetic 18, Vengeful 16, Proud 18, Suspicious 12*, Valorous 18
*Suspicious (Romans) +8
Notable Passions: Loyalty (Sir Hywell de Revil) 20, Love (Family) 18, Loyalty (Brecklands) 18
Notable Stats: DEX 16, CON 18
Notable Skills: Battle 18, Courtesy 15, Hunting 15, Orate 18


The oldest son of Sir Hywell de Revil, Herion is a vigorous young warrior, ever eager to prove his mettle in the traditional knightly virtues; the war, the hunt and the raiding. He has taken his family’s traditional mistrust of Romans to the extreme, and suffers the presence of Sir Gaius in his eschille through gritted teeth. He is more polished and courteous than his father, but nevertheless prefers the rough Brecklands over the genteel court in Norwich. Despite his young age, Herion has already earned the respect of local knights through his fearless and skilled leadership, and pithy, warlike oratory.

Herion rules over Revil Castle, his family’s ancestral stronghold, and commands an eschille of ten knights in battle, including the lords of Harlington, Mundford and Wolfpit.

Sir Herion de Revil

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