Sir Henry de Revil

Cymric/British Christian. Born 462. Steward of Guinnon.


Glory 3000
Distinctive Traits: Overweight
Notable Traits: Modest 16, Prudent 18, Indulgent 16, Suspicious 16*
*Suspicious (Romans) +2
Notable Passions: Love (Family) 18, Hospitality 16
Notable Stats: SIZ 18, DEX 8, CON 9
Notable Skills: Awareness 17, Courtesy 18, Intrigue 20, Siege 18


The younger brother of Sir Hywell de Revil, Henry is the Steward of the lively trade city of Guinnon. In contrast to his harsh brother and belligerent nephew, he is an easy-going, amiable fellow, fond of wenches and beer and feasting. He is also far sharper than he seems; the Steward of Guinnon is the grey eminence behind de Revil clan’s rise to power in Brecklands. Quick to make friends and easy to underestimate, Henry has grown talented in gathering valuable kernels of knowledge from rumours and half-truths. His position in Guinnon has also gained him several contacts among travelling merchants, and knights from the neighbouring Stour Valley.

Pragmatist at heart, Henry does not share his kinsmen’s extreme mistrust of Romans, though his somewhat cynical and jaded worldview does not make him overly trustful of anyone.

He is married to Lady Angharad, sister to Sir Bradwen, Lord of Ipswich. They have several young children.

Sir Henry de Revil

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