The Caerwent Campaign


The campaign begins in Brecklands, in western Caerwent. It is a fief of Lucius, Duke of Caerwent, Count of Caercolun and Caerwent, Praetor of Norwich, also known as ‘Comes Litoris Saxonici’ (Count of the Saxon Shore) in Latin. He is one of the most powerful noblemen in Logres, and comes from a Roman family with a proud, senatorial lineage. Lucius rules from his ducal seat in the great city of Norwich, located in the populous and wealthy Broadlands.

The players, however, are vassals of Sir Hywell, Lord of Thetford and castellan of Castle Revil (Weeting in Blood and Lust). Hywell is the most powerful man in the bleak, sparsely populated Brecklands, and has managed to earn the respect and admiration of local knights and castellans, who consider him their de facto leader, rather than the Roman duke of Broadlands. He commands a host of 50 knights, and is soon about to have a few more…

P.S In my campaign, the Caerwent & Caercolun area follows the guidelines of Blood and Lust; the lord of the Iceni is called the Duke of Caerwent instead of Duke of Caercolun, and his demesne is in Norwich rather than Colchester. Also, the Stour Valley (the area around Ipswich) is part of Caerwent, not Caercolun. However, I did integrate the division of Caerwent into Cymric Brecklands and Roman Broadlands from The Book of Knights and Ladies into my campaign.



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