This campaign loosely follows the guidelines and chronology of The Great Pendragon Campaign. It is set in the duchy of Caerwent, and follows the fates of three noble families from the region of Brecklands, beginning in the year 485.

Under assault by barbaric Saxons, Gaels and Picts, the kingdoms of Britain are groaning under the yoke of war. Uther Pendragon, the ruthless and ambitious king of Logres, seeks to ride the waves of bloodshed, and capture the High Kingship of the isles, as his brother did before him. Meanwhile, the raiders from beyond the North Sea are striving to create realms of their own in the lands formerly claimed by Britons, and the two forces are constantly clashing with horrendous results, bathing the realm of Logres in blood.

The warriors of Uther call themselves knights. Some of these men are fierce and violent killers – brutal sons of brutal ages. Others seek to simply serve their lords to the best of their abilities, to keep themselves and their families alive in these tumultuous times, while a rare few consider themselves something different. To them, a knight is something more than just a mail-clad killer on horseback, and his sword can be used to further causes greater than the power games of kings and counts. Their voices are often drowned by the clamour of battle, their words usually scoffed at during winter feasts, but their dream remains.

The Caerwent Campaign

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